Bearings in North Shields

Bearings are the necessity for automobiles today. These are basically manufactured to reduce friction of automobiles and bring them to the desired motion. The best are those that have slight clunking sounds and do not easily stop functioning. There are varied types of them that have different operations. Some are meant for vehicles, some for trains.

Northumbrian Bearings, a renowned supplier of Bearings, have a wide range of other forms of products including Oilite Bearings, Needle Bearings, Self Lube Bearings, Taper Roller Bearings, Ball & Roller Bearings and so on. We are a BSI registered firm delivering products to customer’s doorsteps for their convenience. All products are guaranteed to be genuine and being a single supplier, customers should never have a chance to complain about missing components.

Apart from this product, Northumbrian Bearings also deals with a plethora of transmission supplies like Drive Chains, Oil Seals, Castors, Drive Belts etc. These transmission products are kept in huge stocks to meet client’s demands fast. All products are now accessible for industries in and around North Shields at affordable prices. Printing, pulp and paper industry, oil and gas, water and wind production industries are the most prominent consumers of such products. Almost all components of every moving machine are delivered here.